PixbyTed Photography

I admire art and photography in many forms however over my many years I have learned that photographing living, breathing, moving subjects filled with emotion, energy, and form is 1000 times more challenging and exciting than taking snapshots of pretty rocks. Portrait photography has opened up a whole world of beauty; beauty that can be found in faces as wizened and careworn as my own, as well as those of spirited grandchildren. I love to discover the life story etched into the palm of a hand, the hint of genius in the glisten of an eye, or the secret mysteries suggested by the curves of a woman.

My DNA is part inventor, part poet, with a sprinkle of conjurer. I am an experimenter, a researcher and if you talk to those who know me, a wee bit ADD – OK maybe a whole lot ADD.

At this stage in my life, I want to practice and perfect my art. When I can do that and help a young person starting off on their own journey of dreams, I am doubly blessed. I place high value on my photography, but no price. If photography ever becomes a job I am afraid I will hate it – and I won’t let that happen. That is also why you won't find photos of kids, pets, weddings, sports teams, and other genres yet to be listed. I'll leave that to the professional photographers (the ones who do it for a living).
I hope you enjoy my photographs, and agree that at least they represent some kind of an attempt to make art.

If you like what you see, and you would like to collaborate or work with me in some other fashion here's how to contact me:

Favorite quote:
Crazy people don't sit around wondering if they're nuts. They have better things to do.
- David Auburn from the play {proof}